Cube Transitions

Posted by Mr Z on Sunday, July 31st 2011 at 18:37

July has been quiet - deathly quiet in fact. Almost no Blog posts at all. Until Now!

Cube Shakeup

M12 came out and there was a reasonable number of cards that made their way into the cube.

  • Vampires and Zombies are well represented in black.
  • Angels and Knights in White.
  • Goblins and Dragons in Red.
  • Elves, Beasts and other critters in Green.
  • Sphinx, Birds, Drakes and Artifact Creatures in Blue.

Switching up a gear

Some powerful cards were cut loose - mostly for design reasons. Phyrexian Obliterator, Vengevine and Dismember all departed. Carnifex Demon and Geth are taking a turn on the bench while I trial some new M12 cards. I am pretty sure that they will return sooner rather than later.

Multi equils many, and oh so many more.

The biggest change is in the last two categories. Firstly the cube has grown by 10 cards to 560 cards total. I have reduced the land count by 10 and increased the Multicolour count by 20.

This has allowed me to up each shard and each colour pair to nine cards each which has allowed me to bring in a number of cool cards that I really enjoy playing with. I'm looking at you Retaliator Griffin
Retaliator Griffin
and also you Stoic Angel
Stoic Angel

The lands section saw the Refuge cycle and five of the weaker lands depart. Looking back I should have made this decision earlier as many of the lands in the cube were sub optimal.

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