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Alara Draft Set Complete

Posted by Mr Z on Tuesday, February 04th 2014 at 03:20

I have finished my Alara Draft set - I am going retro!

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Changing the Way I play

Posted by Mr Z on Thursday, January 23r23 2014 at 23:55

Ok. So it has been a while. Judging from the lack of comments no body really misses me.

I have made a decision to change the way I buy Magical Cards. Basically I no longer play competitive magic, so why load up with multiple boxes. Better to just complete my draft sets and then play amongst my friends using these sets. Thus I only need 1 box and a fat pack to get all the cards I need.

On the subject of draft sets, check out the latest sealed decks - Mine and Wenches.

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Magic is back

Posted by Mr Z on Tuesday, May 28th 2013 at 01:39

So here we are - back after a very long time.

While the tweaking has been going on, the brewing has not. Although today I did dust off some old deck ideas featuring Oros, the Avenger
Oros, the Avenger
and Vorosh, the Hunter
Vorosh, the Hunter
. Check out the deck lists for Oros and Vorosh.

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Return to Ravnica Deck Ideas

Posted by Mr Z on Thursday, September 06th 2012 at 13:00

New decks I want to try to build.


Looking at the spoilers to date it looks like there could be space to making a plant deck featuring Vulturous Zombie and Avenger of Zendikar as the big finishers. Sounds like fun.

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Full Art Project

Posted by Mr Z on Sunday, November 13th 2011 at 22:25

So here I was lamenting the fact that I had some great full art cards but the bulk of my cards were boring standard cards with clunky big text boxes and minimal art. Somehow the normal cards just didn't look all that special anymore.

While filling in an hour at lunch I got playing with the magic set editor program and began toying with making some kind of cube - which wasn't really going anywhere until I tried making a fill are Taiga. I was plesently surprised at how good it looked and so I began making other full art cards.

Then it hit me... why not make a full art deck?

When I figure how to display the deck in its current configuration I will put it up here. For now I'd like to share a pair of the full art cards as they stand...

Sea Gate Oracle

Lightning Angel

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New kids on the block

Posted by Mr Z on Tuesday, November 08th 2011 at 12:19

It's been a busy couple of days, and out of this there have emerged a number of new decks - two in paper and one on MTGO. So without further ado please put your hands together give a wild Magic Matters welcome to...

Reliquary Bant

Nothing too origional here - simply the old firm of Alara block reunited under the Modern Bant banner.

Rafiq of the Many
Rafiq of the Many
, Knight of the Reliquary
Knight of the Reliquary
, Rhox War Monk
Rhox War Monk
- the gangs all here - nothing unusual in this deck, or is there? What is Thrun
Thrun, the Last Troll
doing here? And is that an Inkmoth Nexus
Inkmoth Nexus
? What gives?

Actually it is a standard Bant deckfor multiplayer magic. Exalted decks typically died to wrath effects - in much the same way that Ally decks do. My solution was to use the Exalted enchantments to create a board pressence post wrath that turned any creature played into a mean stompin' machine.

Inkmoth Nexus
Inkmoth Nexus
is just a different way to kill an opponent - Infect plus Rafiq
Rafiq of the Many
is decidedly broken after all. This build will get its trial by fire tonight - will keep you posted!

The Tezz

The Tezz
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
is back - in a modern shell unlike any I have squeezed him into in the past. This time he features in an Esper shell which looks amazingly synergistic. When alll of your creatures are Artifact Creatures Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
becomes the most amazing tutor ever designed guaranteeing you a never ending supply of dudes. Master of Etherium
Master of Etherium
and Master Transmuter
Master Transmuter
give the deck some oompf while Sphinx of the Steel Wind
Sphinx of the Steel Wind
is the finisher of choice.

Oh yeah, there is always Tezz's ultimate which I have heard is pretty special too.

Wolf Run

The final concoction on offer is my Wold Run deck featuring two of the new Werewolf cards from Innistrad - Mayor of Avabruck
Mayor of Avabruck
Howlpack Alpha
and Daybreak Ranger
Daybreak Ranger
Nightfall Predator

They are joined by Kessig Cagebreakers
Kessig Cagebreakers
, a card which has impressed in the limited time I have seen it in action. Rounding out the green critters is Primordial Hydra
Primordial Hydra
, an absolute beast of a card. It can get out of control so fast and really packs a punch.

The Dark Side of the deck is lead by Grave Titan
Grave Titan
and Massacre Wurm
Massacre Wurm
- currently the best two black creatures in my opinion. Entomber Exarch
Entomber Exarch
is a very versitile card in this deck, allowing me to rebuy my threats or rape an opponents hand as is needed.

The final big gun is Karn Liberated
Karn Liberated
, and whilst he is just there to make up the numbers, when he hits the table he makes a pretty big hole in the opponents position.

Finally we have the Black creature removal package paired up with the green artifact/planeswalker/enchantment kill options. All in all an interesting deck.

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